Milk for Iona

Breast milk recipes for Baban Iona

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Breastmilk Wholemeal Bread

Just 4 ingredients and no salt or sugar!

  • Wholemeal bread flour
  • Breastmilk
  • Olive oil
  • Fast action yeast

There was only a little rise but I made a couple of errors at the start so it will probably be better next time. It did work without the salt and sugar although it tasted a bit plain to me (an adult used to salty and sugary food).

Guzzled down by the babe as per usual.

Full recipe:

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Some days I feel like the world is falling in …

Some days I feel like the world is falling in and I don’t know how to care for my baby. Every day, I worry about the nutrition she gets from food and if I’m doing things right. I feel even worse when I leave her - especially as she doesn’t take a bottle and only a small amount from a cup.

When I breastfeed my baby I know she is getting what she needs. When I use breastmilk in her food and create new recipes using my breastmilk, I feel like I’m doing something positive. I feel like I am doing something special and that I’m still connected to her even when she’s not on the breast and not feeding as often as she used to.

When people ask why I bother to express and why I use the expressed milk to make food that could be substituted with cow’s milk, I am usually polite and say I have excess milk. The truth is that I need to do it to keep me sane.

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Lazy Mum Breastmilk Blinis


We’re home from hols and there’s no fresh food in the house. I’ve got a stash of frozen purees and some have expressed breastmilk in them … 

Breastmilk Blinis!

I defrosted the carrot, sweet potato and EBM puree, added some gram flour and fried them off to make baby blinis - definitely not enough effort to write up as a recipe but worth sharing.


I love using gram flour. It’s ground chickpeas and lentils so that means extra goodness.

I’ll put in more effort next week. I’m considering a gingerbread man recipe.

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